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The Municipality of Córdoba turns its terrace into a living space. We tell you everything about the green roof that adds to the sustainable trend.

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This is an intervention in the  80 square meters  of the terrace of the Municipality of Córdoba. A project that not only shows an ecological interest, but also an  advance for architecture . The green roof has thousands of native plants and flowers. The  Business Chamber of Urban Developers of Córdoba (Ceduc) , the Faculty of Agronomy of the Catholic University of Córdoba and the Agency for Economic Development of the City (Adec) are the agents that carried out the project.

The proposal had a great impact on the Cordovan community. The green roof is divided into two equally important parts. The main one is located on the 10th floor. The other part is smaller and is located on the second level of the building. This project, however , needs maintenance work . The UCC will be responsible for carrying out the  care  of the green roof and its plants. In addition, it will be responsible  for the control of absorption, temperature and currents . All these factors directly influence the success or not of this terrace.

 Along with the sun 

The green terrace arises in parallel with a project of the Municipality related to  solar energy . This is the installation of the  Photovoltaic Solar Power Plant  with solar panels. This plant supports a large part of the public body.

“Both actions are aimed at  raising awareness  about the  efficient use of energy , reducing costs and starting to walk the path of sustainable energy. They are two actions that have to do with the objectives of sustainable development”, he said from the Municipality.

Thus, the Municipality of Córdoba becomes one of the few green public bodies. With its  ecological policies , it sets a trend. Let us hope that these projects will spread and have a  positive impact on the environment .

From Cordoba, we say yes to the care of the environment. And you?

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Un-proyecto-argentinoAn Argentine sunlight project won an international prize on sustainable cities
Grupo Petersen-Iniciativas sustentables1Fourth edition of the “Sustainable Initiatives” Competition

Publication Date: 28/12/2019

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