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Free University of the Environment

Córdoba has a Universidad Libre del Ambiente, which trains young people in ecological policies and provides spaces for environmental care.
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Córdoba tiene una Universidad Libre del Ambiente
| 28 October, 2019 |

The Municipality of Córdoba, within the framework of the Sustainable Cordoba Program, developed a Free Environmental University. The project aims at training and raising awareness about the triple R: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. This institution is attached to the Under-Secretary of Environment of the Municipality of Córdoba. And it seeks to generate spaces for containment, education and debate on environmental policies. In addition, the goal is for the Cordoba to apply what has been learned not only in social life, but also in the interior of our home. From different activities, the idea is to share environmental experiences and share knowledge. At the Universidad Libre del Ambiente (ULA) there are workshops, courses and talks for the community. They are totally free and invite us to participate for a work on our environment. Caring for nature is a task for everyone, and in Córdoba we are doing responsible for this.

Cordobeses for environmental education

The ULA organizes activities that call us to take care of ourselves and take care of others from the connection with nature. Workshops on urban garden, vertical gardens, integral gardening and more are taught by different professionals. In addition, the website of the Universidad Libre del Ambiente provides didactic materials, audiovisual and short films related to the subject. Schedules and activities can be found on the page as well. Vocational training supports and classrooms open by the environment are frequent and give society a bit of sand. Cultural change and awareness are in our hands. And the support of public and free entities is very important for the advancement of environmental issues. The Municipality of Córdoba helps us with this tool, it remains for us to join the activities and contribute our knowledge to the cause. Environmental protection is a collective task. It affects us all equally and generates an impact on the society of the future. For the care of our children, the care of our health and our home, which is the world, the Cordobeses we put the 10.

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