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Formosa reduces paper usage

Formose primary education and a new proposal: reduce the use of paper and be more agile. We'll tell you what the proposal is all about.


An exemplary action and two positive impacts, one on society, the other on the environment. Formosa trains teachers and managers in the capital to digitize documentation and reduce paper use.

This program would initially be implemented only in the administration of primary education. The aim is to digitize the enrolment of each student and also that of the teachers. Attendance, grades and notes about each child is recorded through the use of paper. The same applies to each teacher's personal file and salary receipts.

With the new system the use of paper would disappear, and the data would be digitally loaded into a system. This measure would have different benefits, one of them is speed: having the information digitized, access would be immediate. There is no need for someone to be looking for paper or document. In physical space this will have an impact as the role would not occupy the space it currently occupies.

For teachers and managers it will be much easier to cross and contrast student information and do so from the same source digital. There would be no need to search for different documents. If we talk about the environment, the proposal also gives a nod to nature. Reducing the use of paper would be a decision that, if applied in other areas of the city, could represent a small improvement. The use of paper and its production depend on pulp pulp obtained from forest resources.

Hope for a change with the environment

There will be no significant impact on society, as the first test space will be primary education. Neither is it environmental, because it is a minimal space that reduces the use of paper. But it is a first step that, if properly installed, you can start giving your results and expand to other areas. If this happens, and society in general makes a decision to reduce the use of paper, they will be able to establish a new, more friendly relationship with the nature.

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Publication Date: 25/05/2020

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