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Formosa plans a new fishing season

This fishing ban designed by Formost officials seeks to install in their environment a more protective measure than that existing in fishing.

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Orlando Amilcar Mendoza is an official of the Ministry of Production and Environment and leads the project with changes for fishing. He said that, from the technical area, the works in a new mode of closure fishing, a much more protective measure than the previous one.

“ The measure with a strong biological content was adopted to suspend activity in the Bermejo River,” the official said. He stressed that, with regard to the Paraguay River, work is already being done from the technical area. Role of Natural Resources and Management through the Biodiversity and Climate Change Program. Responsible institutions that are already working to start discussing and discussing a new mode of fishing closure.

The aim is to put aside this traditional ban, of the 80's and 90's, where the activity was suspended consecutively. Oh, this apparently coincided with the spawning or breeding period of the fish. The ones technicians explained that it is not so, the situation of spawning or reproduction of fish occurs when flood valleys are in condition optimal. The climate factor must also be optimal, and that happens in the river throughout the year.

Reproduction of fish is not necessarily given in the November-December period, it occurs throughout the year. That is why the new fishing ban mode seeks to establish a complete system of protection for fish throughout the year and not affect the environment.

“ We have to adopt a concept of fisheries management, which will determine the modalities in which we will go fishing,” Mendoza said. The modalities can live together: commercial and sports.

Implementation of the closure

The new fishing ban would go from 42 days for two months, to a protection of 102 throughout the year, ensuring the care of the fish fauna. This measure will require of human and material resources to ensure the development and performance of this new mode of fishing closure.

Finally, Mendoza clarified that, “as explained by technical area, will work with a pilot stage this year”. They will be carried out evaluations and once the results are obtained, the steps to be taken will be considered to move forward.

Source: Formosa Ah ora

Publication Date: 30/11/2019

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