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Forest fire risk on routes in Mendoza

They will place fire signs at the ISCAMEN barriers, in Ñacuñán, Monte Comán and on Calle 7 and Route 188 of Alvear.

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They will place signs indicating the risk of forest fire in strategic points of the province as part of the forest fire awareness and prevention program in conjunction with the Provincial Road Directorate, ISCAMEN, Civil Defence and the Municipality of General Alvear.

As explained by the Environment Secretariat, the work consists of the installation of warning devices that exposes the Forest Fire Risk Index depending on the state of danger of ignition of vegetation near the provincial routes. The information will be updated daily after noon.

The first stage of signage will be placed at the health barriers of ISCAMEN, on Provincial Route 153, in Ñacuñán and Monte Comán and on Calle 7 and National Route 188 in General Alvear. With this billboard, the aim will be to inform and raise awareness among drivers and passengers who travel daily on the different routes in risk areas of fire so that the necessary precautions are taken in order to avoid the burning of fires that could result in forest fires.

How is it measured?

The Forest Fire Risk Index results from the combination of different factors such as weather conditions such as temperature and cloudiness, Relative Humidity in the Environment, the Speed of the Surrounding Winds and the concentration of Plant Fuel among others.

Fire bites

The Directorate of Renewable Natural Resources carries out together with the Municipality of General Alvear maintenance offirefighting bites in that municipality, for 500 km, of which is already carried out 200 km in livestock fields with scarce resources economic resources to face works and that their productive unit does not allow them face the cleaning of the bites and that have a high value in the territorial conservation of flora and fauna.

On the other hand, together with the Directorate of Hydraulics, is being carried out astrategic bite of 70 km of length with a width of approximately 25 meters, quadrupling the width from conventional bites. This is at the height of the kilometer 92 of provincial route 153 and borders the Ñacuñán Biosphere Reserve to the RP 77.

Occupying an area of the departments of Santa Rosa and La Paz, this minced strategic not only generates a defense on the southern side of the natural area protected but allows a connection between these two routes that improves the speed of response of forest self-bombs and brigade crews in the face of an accident in the area.

Source: Diario Los Andes

Publication Date: 28/11/2019

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