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Cordoba on fire

After several episodes of fire, Cordoba finally extinguishes the flames. We tell you what are the affected locations and the reasons for the fires.

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Fires in the  Córdoba and Traslasierra area  are common currency in the summers. They are given by a set of conditions. Dry weather is the first cause, but the second is the  little awareness  of visitors. There were many entities that, over the years, were generating   awareness campaigns   to avoid fire. However, it is still not enough.

Drought and little caution are a bad combination. After the fires in the area of  La cumbre and  Villa Ciudad de América  , other spotlights were lit. On Sunday, December 15, the  Las Calles site  burned in flames. This is a place that is located very close to  Nono and Los Hornillos . That is, in well-known tourist destinations. After 4 days of hard work, they managed to  completely contain the fire . However, many people were evacuated. In addition, the remains of ashes and the landscape after the flames is distressing.

It is estimated that there were  700 hectares burned . Most of these hectares were   native forest  . A lot of native flora and fauna was lost, unfortunately. And, as a tourist destination, the  landscape  underwent serious changes. However, we are grateful that there were no injuries or injuries.

 Total thanks 

The  45 evacuees have already managed  to return home. They proceeded to evacuation on a matter of prevention. The fire did not hurt the dwellers. However, safety protocols appeal to evacuation when the fire is a little close. These were applied in all the previous fires and clearly serve to safeguard people's lives.

 More than 100 firefighters , the staff of Plan del Fuego, Civil Defense, Police and Secretary of Risk were in charge of ending the nightmare. With our heart, we thank you for saving our dear Sierras. And we appeal to  awareness :  let's take care of our environment , take care of our Sierras.

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Publication Date: 27/12/2019

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