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Composting the present

A good way to commit to environmental sustainability is precisely from the control of our waste and the primary separation of waste.

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A good way to commit to environmental sustainability is precisely from the  control of our waste and the primary separation of  waste  . It is essential to understand the importance of our commitment, as we play a primary role in the recovery and recycling chain. Obviously, the recovery of materials and their reuse is always very important, as is household separation before discarding between dry and wet, papers,   plastics , aluminum and glass. Organic material can be very useful for making   compost   at home. Who doesn't have pots, a flowerbed or a little green? To use the fertilizer or fertilizer obtained from a process as simple as economical. Here is a simple instruction, which could generate a small but important help and commitment to the environment, as well as the possibility of economizing and generating a good fertilizer for our land.

Compost can be created with almost any organic material. Inside them are cardboard, eggshells, branches, tree leaves, paper, grains, pulp, turf residues, fruit and vegetable skin and coffee leftover. It is not advisable to use animal materials such as dairy products, fat, bones, meat and cooked foods. It will also be necessary to avoid weeds and weeds as they can hide seeds that do not break down and could grow in the garden by being watered as part of the fertilizer.

composting the present

For this process, we need to have a bowl and place below some piece of wood or sawdust, mixed with some black earth. Then we will incorporate   organic waste  such as food, fruit, vegetables or vegetables, wet but with as little liquid as possible and some chopped or cut paper that we will intermix so that it can absorb the remaining liquid. The container will be placed in a shaded place; it can have a lid, but always with some perforations, as the material should breathe and contact with air. From here on, we need to do periodic check, moving the material and looking for the  right moisture balance . Do not forget to consider the possibility that some guy will accompany you in the work: it is usually an educational task, very attractive and fun for them. In a few days, you will feel the pleasure of having achieved with your own hands the fertilizer or natural fertilizer for your garden, and obviously, the satisfaction of contributing to the planet.


  • The most advisable to make compost is to mix 25% green material with 75% dry material. Green material is grass residues, fruits, grains and pastes. Dry material are branches, paper, dry leaves and cardboard. This measure is very important to speed up the decomposition process. But everyone will be able to apply the one that best suits their needs.
  • It is important that organic matter is divided into small pieces, as this helps to make decomposition faster. Once they are well crushed, mix constately so that you can combine the material or form layers like a cake. Once ready, add water gradually. It is important not to add too much water to speed up the process as it could ruin everything. It takes several weeks for you to be ready to use.
  • Compost can be made directly into the ground, digging a shallow gap, or use a container with good drainage.

As you'll see, it's a little effort but it's worth it. So don't wait any longer and get to work.

5 benefits of compost

  1. It returns nutrients to the earth, controls erosion and prevents soil wear caused by rain washing.
  2. Corrects the structure of  soils  and acts as a sponge that retains water, which gradually releases for the  benefit of plants  .
  3. It retains moisture and allows air to pass through.
  4.  Recycles  and reduces the volume of organic waste, to convert them into fertilizer.
  5. It serves as an antibiotic against microorganisms.

Publication Date: 15/05/2018

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