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Commitment to the environment does not rest

Many San Luis holiday colonies will feature talks and activities on environmental awareness in order to train committed young people.

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For the third consecutive summer we will work on environmental awareness in  San Luis holiday colonies. The environmental portfolio will do so, through the Management Entity of Treatment and Recycling Plants of RSU. Different playful activities will be presented where fun will be part of children's learning.

The  initiative  is aimed at children between the ages of 4 and 14 who attend holiday colonies. The first to launch the cycle of environmental awareness talks and games will be Ave Phoenix, Divers-Teens and La Torre. These activities aim to generate a commitment to the environment, through simple actions. Some of them may be the  separation of waste  into two large categories, wet (organic) and dry (inorganic).

Young people, depending on age, will learn what the  environment  is and the main actions that generate greater environmental pollution. Dissemination of environmental awareness would indicate how this has an impact on the health of the population.

Management of waste

They will also provide information about the Urban Solid Waste Regionalization Plan (RSU) implemented by the Government of San Luis. This is done in the pursuit of proper  waste management. The initiative is important because, when applied to children and young people in their training stage, they can assimilate and implement it. The future, in the medium or long term, depends on the attitude and responsibility of today's youth.

It is not an exclusive activity of a few institutions. All holiday colonies, clubs or institutions that are interested in joining this environmental awareness initiative can still do so. To be part of this project, you must contact the Training Area of the Management Entity of Treatment and Recycling Plants of RSU. Contact numbers for applying for membership or information are 4452000 internal 3467 or 1289.

Source:  San Luis Agency 

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Publication Date: 28/12/2019

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