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Benteveo, proclaimed the bird of resistance

A contest organized by the commune and the Guaicurú Bird Watchers Club determined that Benteveo will be the bird of
All environment
Benteveo, proclamado el ave de Resistencia
19 November, 2019

The contest Choice of the Bird of the City of Resistance, which had the Benteveo as the winner, was organized by the Club de Observers de Birds (COA) Guaicurú. The Ministry of Environment and Public Services of the Municipality of Resistencia also participated. The aim of the initiative was to promote the knowledge, valuation, preservation and protection of local species and natural habitats. This drives the construction and consolidation of an identity as citizens of Resistance in relation to the environment.

Secretary of Environment and Public Services, Bernardo Voloj, explained that, after two and a half months of the selection process, with more than 1000 participants, was chose the Bentevee as the bird of the city.

This contest contemplated a process of democratic and participatory voting, which sought to reach all the inhabitants of Resistencia. Citizens were able to participate in different ways, such as virtual voting through a form available on the official website of the municipality every year. ñ or. Another way of voting was through the placement of coupons in ballot boxes located in different parts of the city.

Birdwatching: a brand of the city

Voloj stressed the importance of this environmentalinitiative, so that bird watching remains registered as a brand of the city. The Benteveo is not the only protagonist, birds in general are attractive in Resistance. This discipline, which is booming in many cities, can become a source of income from sustainabletourism.

“ These initiatives in turn generate the strengthening of environmental and institutional actions and the protection of the biodiversity of our city,” said Voloj.

The Benteveo

The common Benteveo is also known as Christ, Quetupi, Bichhopheus, Bird Pitogüe, Luis Bienteveo or Benteveo. Its scientific name is Pitangus sulphuratus.

This bird of the Tyranid family is named for its characteristic song. In addition to catch insects in full flight, it also hunts lizards on the trunks of the trees, eat some fruits and descend into the water to catch small fish. They are sociable birds, alive, meek and, despite the fact that their song is somewhat noisy, not unpleasant. In some places it is believed that, when the Benteveo shouts at noon, next to a house, warns the arrival of unexpected people. Elsewhere they attribute their cry near a house to a birth announcement.

Source: Data Chaco

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