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100 “greener hotels” certified

He obtained certification from the Tourism Hotels Association and exceeded the target set for 2018.

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Argentina has 100  “greener hotels” , following recent certifications given to establishments that meet environmental and heritage preservation standards cultural and social, reported the Tourism Hotels Association (AHT).

This recognition is given to hotels that introduce effective tools in their work processes to improve management and promote  sustainable  practices that protect, develop and preserve the habitat and the community where they are located.

According to the AHT, the certification of the first 100 hotels in the country exceeded the proposed target for 2018, which was a 25% increase in this type of establishment, but the rise was 36% for “green hotels”.

For the entity, this “demonstrates the strong work and commitment of the hospitality industry to the preservation of the environment, cultural and social heritage and the growth of regional economies.”

Sustainable Hotels

The Association, responsible for certifying this categorization, announced that it expects to close 2019 with 200 Green Hotels throughout the country, “hand in hand with the provincial governments and the secretariats of Government of the Nation for Tourism and Environment.”

Part of this achievement, he says, was made possible thanks to the work developed in conjunction with provincial and municipal ministries and  tourism  agencies. The aim of these practices is to promote the implementation of responsible processes in tourism providers, mainly in accommodation establishments.

Among the highlights in this regard, mention the agreement signed last June with the Government of Cordoba and the Córdoba Tourism Agency, which allowed the creation of a biannual sustainable management plan in more than 100 tourist accommodation in the province.

The AHT mentions criteria of the World Tourism Organization, which highlights the complex relationship between  hotel activity  and the environment, so it must be done with care to avoid negative impacts.

Among these, he points out the irreversible destruction of the environment, generation of solid waste, environmental degradation, urbanization of rural areas and oversaturation of the load capacity of destinations.

Source: Telam

Publication Date: 14/01/2019

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