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Argentina Moves Toward Expansion of Marine Protected Areas

The law for the creation of two marine parks in southern Argentina was half-approved by the Chamber of Deputies. It will be discussed in the Chamber of Senators on Dec. 12 and if approved will allow the country to triple its protection areas in the seas.

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The Chamber of Deputies of the Nation approved in extraordinary session the bill of the creation of two marine parks in Argentina: Yaganes and Namuncura Banco Burdwood II, in this way with the half sanction achieved a State policy with respect to the conservation of the environment begins to materialize. The media sanction and the bill now has possibilities of becoming law since it will be dealt with next December 12 in the House of Senators. The Argentine Sea comprises 36% of the country's territory and only 2.6% is protected. With the creation of these two areas, the total protected area would triple, reaching 126,000km2, bringing the country closer to the commitment to protect 10% of its maritime spaces by 2020. The new marine areas would benefit the fishing sector by creating the conditions for access to competitive markets and would contribute to maintaining healthy environments for the renewal of fishing resources. Martín Parlato, CEO and founder of Posibl, a multimedia company specialized in the development of content, initiatives and campaigns of social impact and one of the promoters of the movement www.sinazulnohayverde.com spoke with Télam and expressed the importance of this step that was taken in the Chamber of Deputies of the Nation. "It is a great legacy that will be created for all Argentines, said Parlato because we are talking about tripling the area of marine protection, leaving for generations to come a great environmental benefit. It is one of the richest seas in the world, which has unique species, some of which are threatened by the urgent need for these areas to be protected. "At present there are more than 60 species in danger of extinction and we see the government committing itself - as President Macri had expressed when he assumed that it was going to expand the protected areas of the sea - in conjunction with the tireless work of civil society organizations. From the proposal of the hastag #No OceansNoHayVida the initiative was spread and more than 30,000 people signed the petition, as well as the participation of artists such as Benjamin Amadeo took the role of propagating and providing information on the need to care for the posterity this area of the ecosystem. Fuente: Telam

Publication Date: 11/12/2018

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