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Anchipurac, from garbage dump to environmental center model

Anchipurac Environmental Center is unique in Latin America and concentrates research on technological innovations, environmental monitoring, climate change studies and
All environment
19 October, 2019

The Anchipurac environmental center transformed the largest dump in San Juan into a unique research and development hub in the region. It is located in a desert area and at the foot of the Sierra Chica, in Rivadavia. It is part of a complex composed of the Park of Environmental Technologies and the Regional Environmental Technological Industrial Park .

The Anchipurac building is characterized by its bioclimatic design and a sustainablearchitecture, unique in Argentina. Almost half of the construction is below the ground optimizing indoor temperatures. The land will bring the building colder in summer and heat in winter.

Being a sustainable construction, it makes the most of the available resources. Anchipurac is designed to get the most benefit from solar light and heat in every season of the year. The complex is supplied by clean and renewable energies such as solar and geothermal energy by water. The building materials are noble and long lasting, also easy to maintain and have insulating properties to conserve temperatures.

What is done in Anchipurac?

In its laboratories there is a constant study in search of technological innovations in the field of renewable energy and the use of waste as raw material. It has an observatory that carries out an integral environmental control of the province. Its focus is on natural resources, working together with the private sector to study climate change and urban waste management in energy.

You can see it in person

The place has guided tours: through the interior of the complex, with cost and duration of almost two hours and, on the outside of the building, without cost. A good opportunity to learn more about the sustainable development of San Juan.

SOURCE: Anchipurac Environmental Center

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