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An excellent advice to recycle water

It's ridiculous to use drinking water to clean floors.

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Un excelente consejo para reciclar agua

A while ago I set out to be a #AgenteDeCambio and that's how my relationship with the environment began. Not because it was a Trendsetter (although I don't deny that I would like), but because I understand that being a practical person I usually have good ideas (put it). Here is my first contribution by this means. I was recently installing a new air conditioner when the bricklayer asked me “things” to connect the dropdown, to which I replied, “leave it indoors to put a bucket, it's a waste of water.” In the second week I discovered  that more than 5 liters of non-disgusting water are wasted per day  (and that I have it on 24, at most 23 when I'm in rebellious mode).

Researching on the web I discovered that obviously that water has how much chemical and toxic goes through the air conditioning, but that it is still water.  Many argue that it serves for watering plants . I tried it, I had my doubts, but for now all plants live happily. After it occurred to me to think about the bucket of water to clean the floor, total to the tiles so badly can not do them. Let's be honest, it's ridiculous to use  drinking water  to load a bucket that we're going to mix with   floor disinfectant  . There are still uses like the iron, wash the car, wash the sidewalk, fill vases... And so and everything is still left for me whole buckets. What else can we invent? Are you already pulling out of your air? If you get a lot of fiaca, it's all right, you understand, but let your next air not add to those drips that wet when there are no clouds in the sky. To add more environmental guilt I leave you this beautiful infographic.

recycle water

 How to reuse water at home?  

If I managed to activate your feeling of environmental guilt with the above infographic, these tips are for you. Below I will detail 5 very simple ways to  reuse  water in your home and help to take care of the environment.

  Recycle  cold shower water:  It is common that when showering you have to wait a certain time until the water reaches the desired temperature. While you wait for it to warm up, all that cold water that runs is being wasted without remedy. A good way to recycle it is to place  a bucket under the shower to collect all that cold water you're not going to use . The accumulated water is perfectly clean so you can use it to wash dishes or water plants.

 REUSE GREYWATER FOR YOUR GARDEN:  As long as they do not contain chemicals, water generated by household processes such as washing clothes  or the water you use to bathe, can be used to water the garden or a small urban orchard.

 Collect rainwater:  A good way to reuse water at home, is to take advantage of rainy days to collect water and store it  . Then you can use it to clean the floor or drain the toilet. You can do it with buckets or containers; or buy some stormwater collection system.

 Reuse the water from the pots:  in the kitchen we are used to cooking vegetables and vegetables and then throw out the excess water. If instead of throwing it through the leak, you store it and use it to water the plants , you will be saving a lot of water in a simple way.

 Place dishes under the pots -  this is also an easy way to reuse water at home. It serves to  optimize the use of irrigation water  by simply putting a plate under the pots. This way every time you water the leftover will be on the plate and you can  use it to water other plants .

If you liked these tips do not hesitate to put them into practice and thus make the most of the water in your home.

Publication Date: 26/12/2018

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By: Marcos A Sánchez 26 December, 2018

Excelente nota Facundo, coincido con vos y gracias por tan rica info, merece la pena detenernos, informarnos y tomar conciencia, de cuánto podemos hacer para mejorar nuestro hábitat... felicitaciones!

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