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An excellent tip for recycling water

It's ridiculous to use drinking water to clean floors.

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Some time ago I set out to be a #ChangeAgent and that's how my relationship with the environment began. Not because I was a Trendsetter (although I do not deny that I would like), but because I understand that being a practical person I usually have good ideas (ponele). Here is my first contribution by this medium.Recently I was installing a new air conditioning when the bricklayer asked me "things" to connect the drain, to which I responded: "leave it inside that I put a bucket, is a waste of water. In the second week I discovered that more than 5 liters of non-rocky water are wasted per day (and what I have in 24, at the most in 23 when I am in rebel mode). Researching in the web I discovered that obviously that water has how much chemical and toxic it passes through the air conditioning, but that it does not stop being water. Many maintain that it is used to irrigate plants. I tried it, I had my doubts, but for now all plants live happily.Then it occurred to me to think of the bucket of water to clean the floor, total to the tiles so bad can not do them. Let's be honest, it's ridiculous to use drinking water to load a bucket that we're going to mix with floor disinfectant. There are still uses such as ironing, washing the car, bucketing the sidewalk, filling vases... And so on and so I still have whole buckets left over.What else can we invent? Are you already draining your air? If it gives you a lot of money, that's all right, it's understood, but don't let your next air add to those leaks that get wet when there are no clouds in the sky. To add more environmental guilt I leave you this beautiful infographics.

Publication Date: 26/12/2018

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2021/01/1609881364Captura de Pantalla 2020-06-19 a la(s) 19.43.41.png
By: Marcos A Sánchez 26 December, 2018

Excelente nota Facundo, coincido con vos y gracias por tan rica info, merece la pena detenernos, informarnos y tomar conciencia, de cuánto podemos hacer para mejorar nuestro hábitat... felicitaciones!

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