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It is very important to be aware of the impact we have on the environment.

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Talking about education in Argentina is to touch a hot topic, a theme that underpins the decay of a society that at some moments in history was thought could occupy a place of privilege among the best prepared nations. Our political leaders are largely responsible for drawing the way, which originally placed our country in the elite of the most developed, to conclude on a current in which we have squandered the opportunity, for not fulfilling the cult of a sustainable  education.Respect is one of the basic values of education and begins with one. There is no ideology here, no class division, and it is not a question of blaming or holding others accountable. If I don't take care of myself and make sure that my house is in order, my habitat will be in a certain way the reflection of what I am. It is very important to be aware of the impact we have on the  environment . It is precisely the combination of these aspects, the  conduct and  rationality that I apply to  take care of my place, trying to make my action leave as little footprint as possible. Obviously, that the current industrial and consumer model impacts us; as true as the shameful state of polluted Rio de la Plata. Which should make us a lot more rigorous and responsible, but you know what?... Let's start with us, by the treatment of our waste, by taking care of our house, our place deserves not to do things halfway... to make our “whole environment more pleasant.” As a reflection, the fragment of one of Loren Eiseley's stories... It tells that a writer, cultured, sensitive and smart lived by the sea, walked one morning on the beach and saw in the distance a figure of a person who seemed to dance. As he approached, he noticed that he was a young man who collected one by one, the starfish stranded in the sand, to return them to the sea. So he greeted him and asked him what he was doing... The young man answered and explained that he gathered the starfish that had been stranded by the low tide, in order to return them to his waters.The writer, surprised and attentive to his response, suggested that he should not spend any effort on it, as the beach was immense and could not save all.So the young man stopped, stared at him, took a new star and as he threw it exclaimed... for this, it Makes sense...!The writer retired offended and obviously could not stop thinking about the action of the young man. But in his reflection he decided to go back to the beach, understanding that if he helped him, it would be two star saviors who made a difference.

Publication Date: 15/05/2018

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