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A bottle full of love

Put some of us to be more sustainable: that's what this proposal is all about. What do you need? You win, and a bottle always at hand.

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Great transformations are the sum of small changes in habit. That is the only way to change our relationship with the  environment . Today we are going to tell you a simple and fun way  to recycle plastics :   filling a bottle of love . 

The  Fundación Llena A Botella de Amor  is a non-profit entity that encourages the use of so-called “single-use plastics”: those that become garbage immediately after consumption.

The procedure is simple. It is about taking any  plastic bottle  and refilling it with different waste also plastic: cookie wraps, milk sachets, non-working pens, films, plastic cutlery, sorbets. Then, these are taken to a  collection point,  where they are recycled. Thanks to those who fill their bottles with this waste, the company  Econciencia Argentina  manufactures furniture made of "  plastic wood  “, which is mostly donated. This way, not only does it contribute to the environment, it is also possible to  help  people who need it.

 Plastic pollution  is one of the most serious we have to live with. Plastics can take between 100 and 1000 years to degrade.

In less than two years, between  Llena Una Botella de Amor  and la  Econciencia Argentina  , they recovered  100,000 tons of plastic  thanks to the collection of 75,000 bottles that were donated by volunteers.

Foundation Fills a Bottle of Love

The  Fundación Llena a Botella de Amor  is a non-profit organization, dedicated to sustainable development and improvement of the living conditions of vulnerable communities, through the use of waste, so we are the strategic ally to achieve their goals, and contribute to the solution of problems socio-environmental issues.

Bottles of love

Publication Date: 10/01/2020

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By: Adolfo Palomeque 24 April, 2020

Como me puedo comunicar con ustedes ?llamo al teléfono dencontqcto y me da consta teniente ocupado

By: Marcelo 22 June, 2020

En respuesta a

Hola, quisiera saber donde hay puntos de acopio cerca de Pilar, Bs.As. tengo botellas llenas para llevar. Gracias.

By: Denise 29 June, 2020

Dónde están los puntos de recolección en Buenos Aires?

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