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A bottle full of love

Put a little of us to be more sustainable: that's what this proposal is all about. What do you need?
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26 January, 2020

The great transformations are the sum of small changes in habit. That is the only way to change our relationship with the environment. Today we are going to tell you a simple and fun way to recycle plastics: filling a bottle of love.

The Fundación Filla A Bottle of Love is a non-profit organization that encourages the use of so-called “single-use plastics”: those that become garbage immediately after consumption.

The procedure is simple. It is about taking any plastic bottle and filling it with different plastic waste: cookie wrappers, milk sachets, pens that do not work, films, plastic cutlery, sorbets. They are then taken to a collection point, where they are recycled. Thanks to those who fill their bottles with this waste, the company Econciencia Argentina manufactures ” plastic wood “furniture, most of which are donated. In this way, not only contributes to the environment, it is also possible to help people who they need.

Plastic pollution is one of the most serious with which we have to live. The ones plastics can take between 100 and 1000 years to degrade.

In less than two years, between Llena A Bottle of Love and Econciencia Argentina , they recovered 100,000 tons of plastic thanks to the collection of 75,000 bottles donated by volunteers.

Foundation Filled a Bottle of Love

Fundación Llena una Botella de Amor is a non-profit organization dedicated to sustainable development and improvement of the living conditions of vulnerable communities, through the use of waste, so we are the strategic ally to achieve their goals, and contribute to the solution of problems. social and environmental issues.

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