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5 habits to care for the environment in 2019

Let's start the year by becoming aware of our environment.

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The new year is an excellent opportunity to start generating small habits that make a difference in the way we connect with our environment. To begin, we leave you 5 items that you can improve in 2019 so that we can all live in a better world.

  1.  Separate the trash : Create the habit of separating waste in your home. Designate a tacho for each kind of waste, making recycling easier and contributing to the care of the environment.
  2.  Stay only with what you need : If in your home you have clothes or objects that you no longer use and is in good condition, donate them to a center that can receive them.
  3.  REUSE BAGS AND BOTTLES: When shopping, carry a reusable bag; they are practical and avoid the consumption  of single-use plastic bags . Same with disposable bottles; avoid using them and prefer reusable bottles that come in different shapes and sizes and are very practical.
  4.  Walk more, pollute less : If your destination is nearby, choose to walk or bike, and leave the car at home. In this way, you are helping to take care of the environment and also your health.
  5.  Take care of your surroundings : If you go to the beach or park, don't throw  rubbish  around or liquids in the sea or in the river.
  6.  Make the most of natural light and spend less : To benefit the economy at home I consumed less artificial energy and help the environment. It is important to turn off the lights you are not using and change conventional bulbs with LED lights (last
  7.  longer and consume less) Keep unconnected electrical appliances and chargers that you do not use : To prevent devices from being “standby” or “stand by” unplug them when you're using them. The same applies to cell phone chargers as they continue to consume energy continuously.
  8.  Check the electrical consumption assessment label:  Type A or B appliances are more energy-efficient and consume up to 70% less than a Type-G.
  9.  Save water:  It is essential  rationalize water use . Avoid leaving water running during everyday actions such as showering, brushing teeth, washing dishes or car. It is important not to leave the water running before showering, fill the bath or leave some shin losing. We can save water also by changing the way we wash clothes. We can choose to use it at full charge or if not put it into eco mode or directly wash by hand.
  10.  Grow your food and plant trees:  Building a small  vegetable garden  is a great idea to access healthier foods, which do not contain chemicals or pesticides. Planting trees or small plants contributes to improving air. If you don't have a garden you can do it on your balcony or in a nearby park.

With these tips you can improve the way you relate to your environment and thus contribute to taking care of the environment for the good of everyone who lives on this planet. It is important to realize that even though we think that our small actions add up nothing, if they add us to connect more with nature and take care of it because it is our home.

 Let's take care of our planet and live happier.  

Publication Date: 09/01/2019

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