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A park with everything for children

The Children's Park, in Catamarca, is a good choice for sports, inclusion and fun for children and adults.

Parque de los Niños espectáculo

The  Children's Park  is located on the border with the North area, 14 blocks from Central Square and in front of the Executive Branch Administrative Centre. It is a park that occupies six hectares totally intended for children and families, with different activities and attractions.

Getting to the Children's Park is accessible. There are several public transport lines from the microcenter to the park. Another option can be the walk, making a pleasant tour from the historic center of about 45 minutes.


Today  Catamarca  has the largest  Skatepark  in our country and also the most modern. This track, unlike the rest of those found in Argentina, has multiple  transit lines, while the others are only round-trip.

This makes the skater find a lot of options to skate on the same square meter surface. This skatepark has a huge and very complete bowl area, a peripheral lanyard of street plaza. Also a very fun circuit of conventional street. All areas cover situations for beginners and advanced ones.

 Children's Park Principles 

  1. Promote and strengthen the rights of the child.
  2. Integrate children of different abilities in a public space and outdoors, through games that are appropriate to each of their needs. These will be located next to traditional games in a green space.
  3. Generate a meeting point for parents, teachers, volunteers, professionals and the general public. A space where they can promote interesting and useful exchanges of experiences and experiences.
  4. Build a space to use in different school and rehabilitation programs.
  5. Offer alternative stimulation resources to those who need them and which can only be accessed in specialized institutes.

Children's Park is an ideal option, for children, of course, but also for everyone. It is a space formed to have a good time in the open air  Catamarca .

Source:  Tourism Catamarca 

Photos: Carolina Cabrera

Publication Date: 09/09/2020

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