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5 typical dishes of Argentina

When it comes to gastronomy, summarizing the typical dishes of a country in a few is a difficult task. We
| 23 September, 2019 |

When it comes to gastronomy, summarizing the typical dishes of a country in a few is a difficult task. No matter how big or small, each of its regions has native flavors that enrich its culture and expand to other places.

That is why Argentina is no exception. Because, when we talk about unforgettable flavors, Argentine cuisine is one of the most exquisite you can taste. To prove it to you, we present you these 5 dishes.

The roast

Juicy, ready or cooked term; for meat lovers, visiting Argentina is simply paradise. In addition to its incredible landscapes, wines, football passion and tango, Argentina is one of the main meat producers in the world and has the most tender meats you can taste.

Tira de asado, lomo, chinchulines, chorizos, steak of chorizo, steak of loin and morcillas are some of the cuts that are prepared in the Argentinian roasts. They are perfect to share a time with family and friends.

The patties

An exquisite puff pastry, crispy, with a filling that surprises when you take the first bite, so are the Argentine empanadas . A dish that has become popular throughout Latin America. In addition, each province has its own version of creole pie that can be baked or fried.

The classic Argentine empanada “porteña” is stuffed with meat, but there are others such as salteñas, tucumanas, catamarqueña, Patagonian and Cordoban. The truth is that they also enjoy other fillings and you can taste the flavors of potatoes, onions, chicken, paprika, tomato and even raisins.

The choripan

A simple dish, but with an unmatched taste. Choripan is a kind of sandwich, which is usually accompanied by a well-frozen beer or wine.

French bread + grilled chorizo + chimichurri, that’s how easy a choripan is prepared. And, although you can be satisfied after having eaten, surely on your tour of the coolest places in Argentina, this will be the dish you will taste more than once.

The locro

One of the typical dishes of Argentina. It has firewood flavor and is consumed in the main national festivities such as the 25th of May. Although over the years it has undergone several transformations, the basic ingredients of the locro remain intact.

The locro is a soup that is prepared with mondongo, pork legs and beef. It also adds corn, onion, bay leaf, cumin and salt to make this dish a mixture of unique flavors and textures thanks to meat and vegetables.

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