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4 cult objects that bring us closer to San Martín

Find out the last wish he expressed in his will, or to whom he wanted to bequeathed his sword.
San Martin
| 17 August, 2019 |

Through relics treasured by the National Museums and Institutes, we recall teachings and curiosities of the General.

Maximums to his daughter Mercedes

In 1825, in the city of Brussels, Joseph of St. Martin wrote a list of tips intended for the education of his daughter. The original manuscript is preserved in the Mitre Museum.

A few months after Mercedes was born Tomasa San Martín y Escalada, in 1816, the Liberator embarked on his journey towards Chile and Peru. However, he maintained contact with his daughter through letters written with his wife María de los Remedios de Escalada. The reunion took place in 1923, after the death of Remedios; since then, the General abandoned his career and began, together with Merceditas, his exile to Europe. “Every day I congratulate myself more and more on my determination to drive her to Europe and ripped off the side of Doña Tomasa (her maternal grandmother). This kind lady, with the excessive affection that I had for her, had resabiated her – as the countrymen say – in terms that she was a diablotín”, wrote San Martín to his friend Tomás Guido.

He also had words of gratitude in his will, dedicated to his daughter. This said: “The constant affection and care that you have always shown me, have rewarded with usury all my efforts, making my old age happy: I beg you to continue with the same care and contraction the education of your daughters (whom I embrace with all my heart) if in turn you want to have the same happy luck that I have had”.

The testament

From France, in the city of Boulogne sur Mer, Saint Martin wrote with his handwriting every one of his wishes: In the last corner of the earth in which I find myself, I will soon sacrifice my existence for freedom. 

The will has seven clauses and an additional article devoted to the care of his family, the inheritance of his precious property and a manifesto of his behavior and last wills .

His last wish:I forbid any kind of funeral to me, and from the place where I die, I will be taken directly to the cemetery without any accompaniment, but I would wish that my heart be deposited in Buenos Aires.
An additional request:It is my will that the Banner that the brave Spaniard Don Francisco Pizarro tremolated in the Conquest of Peru be returned to that republic (despite being a property of mine) provided that their governments have realized the rewards and honors with which they honored me by their first Congress.

Saint Martin died on August 17, 1850, although his remains were repatriated only around 1880, during the presidency of Nicolás Avellaneda. Since then, they rest in the Cathedral of Buenos Aires.

The hord saber

It is exhibited in theNational Historical Museumand was the weapon that accompanied the Liberator of America in all the battles for independence. He bought it in London in 1811 and stands out for its simplicity, has no gold pieces, arabesques or other expensive materials popular for the time. At his request, after his death, he was bequeathed to Juan Manuel de Rosas.

“ The sword that has accompanied me throughout the War of Independence of South America will be delivered to you

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