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Everyone has their Valentine’s Day

Argentines love to import celebrations. We watched Valentine's Day celebrations in the movies and decided to make them ours. February
| 14 February, 2020 |

We know that this is an imported and invented date, that it has nothing to do with our traditions, that it is another day, but — nevertheless — we take it very seriously into account. Flowers, bears, messages of love on the networks, dinners in restaurants and doors inside. Nobody expects Valentine’s Day, but they all celebrate it.
On the sidewalk opposite are those who are alone, those who are not in love or those who are in love with the wrong person. And they suffer from it, too. But love is not only in a couple: there are people in love with their family, their friends, their children, their dog. Or life. Whatever our situation is, let’s celebrate the day of love. Because without love we have nothing.

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