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We want to reward readers who have transformed us into the most growing Argentinean interests and entertainment site in recent months. Thank you total!

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There was a missing place where the debutante of the Patagonia club, in the Federal B Tournament, coexist with  Diego Armando Maradona . Or Rosarina scientist  Karen Hallberg , eminence of world physics, with the young Santafesinas who won an environmental olympics. A site like  , that accompanies with a positive and federal look the good things we enjoy in  a generous country . And the bad ones, too, for learning. Curious articles, exciting and profound interviews, journalists without turns, looking to tell you why fernet is so important in Cordovan culture, or the  legend of bad light . Or the three  zambas  you have to listen to before you die. We dream to share the passion for our  customs  and identity in a celestial and white horizon.

We begin to reward our readers

The numbers of readers month by month indicate that the  family has been enlarged by leaps and bounds and we want to celebrate it with you. You simply have to  register for free on our site . Nothing more and nothing less. From that moment on, there are more points in the  ranking of readers . Shall I tell you a secret? But don't tell anyone... not to leave  Argentina  this: with the full profile more, with every note you tap or comment, even more points. If you write a note for  “Reader's Notes”  plus we publish it to you and read it to you 1,000,000 people, plus points for you. That's how you climb, you get to Bronze Reader. After Silver. And Golden. The real groso. The unbeatable reader.

Among those who get the best scores we will draw prizes and surprises all the time. But you have to participate and be attentive; add up. Check your  private message box periodically. Communication is going to be around. Don't let you escape the turtle because we go out and sting in tip El Xeneize, Mufasa, Mazik333 and Oro, the iron readers who read and comment on us since the beginning in 2018.

Note how to win more prizes

But not only by getting up early you have help I would say “The guillote”, and since we want them to get to the houses as many gifts as possible , go out or out, we go with some tips so you can climb on the table and have more chances. Some suggestions: become the sautéed reader of Macedonio-Fernández. For this great writer, who was once a great reader, master of Borges, the best way was to read various topics at once. For example, start reading the story of Rodrigo's greatest hit, get hooked up with  Carlos Gardel's genius, and continued with the  new songs of a promising puntano singer-songwriter. And in the middle imagine that you step on the  Moon Valley  with the unique details we put forward.

And rate the notes you read (eye: rate them well, huh? , lol). Because in addition to leaving us your opinion or suggestion on the note, the author learns and you can enter into a dialogue with him.  Everything adds up for the ranking .

Others to win with : You can also exploit your vocation as a social communicator and participate in the  “Reader's Notes” section. Coach  Patrick Sassoli , one of our greatest readers and participants, gives us useful tips that help maintain health and the best way How many we remember him while we went for breakfast lactal bread! With videos and articles, the training professional spreads his work. Because that is also one of the proposals of the site: to give visibility to the hardworking people who build a nation. You can also  add extra points  in the ranking and pass, reach thousands of potential readers. Another section that had the greatest impact was  Tourism , undoubtedly. Even though we live and suffer from the pandemic. The unique look of  in the places of La Patria, with correspondent journalists in the provinces, advances the visit with a human dimension, because not only do you have the tourist information but also we put within a click the  stories of people . Those  Argentines and Argentines  who welcome with open arms and share their traditions and love. Where to eat the best salteña  empanada  in  Salta  , for example. An emotional journey to discover artists and countrymen with a lot to tell us. So if in these times of virtuality you want a route and village, winds and roasts, wines and ravioli, you can dive into the section and put together the lystite of the  next trip .

serargentino users

Anita writes down, Anita notes, would say the great humorist Pepe Biondi. And you continue to score points in  the ranking that rewards your loyalty . “How long is it resisting in these conditions, how is the ability to resist alive” asked the poet Diana Bellesi in the face of moments as difficult as we are going through. From , with humility and consistency, we believe that we provide a bit of sand presented a content that unites us Argentines and Argentines on a common front. In us and our values.  You know because you read us every day . Well,  sign up , that in addition to reading what you're not going to find anywhere about Argentina and the Argentines, you're going to win prizes all the time, which are great.

And I don't even tell you if you go into the  store and buy something . A  package of tourism , a product, or you want to  book and live different exeriences . You will find things exclusive to , which are great and at impossible prices. And besides, like this is not enough,  you're going to score more points . Crazy.

 Register now and start adding up.   Don't hesitate. More to do what you like every day. It would be a shame to waste that, wouldn't it?

 We're waiting for you. Good luck!  

Publication Date: 25/01/2021

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By: El Xeneize 21 January, 2021

Vamos!! 💪🏻

By: Clau Pas 24 January, 2021

Aguanté Argentina

By: Clau Pas 10 February, 2021

Me encanta la pagina y todo el valor que le da a lo nuestro 🤗

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