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The house of the laws of Mendoza

The provincial legislature not only treasures the feathers that draw up our laws. In its structure it hides wide architectural value.


 At the end of the 19th century  the construction of a social and cultural center on Libertad Street, present-day Sarmiento. This building had, among other functions, official entertainment, and was the most recognized building in the city, for its equipment and furniture, until the appearance of the Plaza Hotel.  Since 1909 it has functioned as a legislature sanctioning the laws of Mendoza. 

It has a marked  neoclassical style , with access by pedestrian Sarmiento.  Its façade consists of a frontis without ornamentation (except for the coat of arms of the province), simple fronts and architrave, supported by four columns of smooth stem and composite capital of the Ionic type . To the sides, complete the composition separate windows with machons, cornice and a plinth of large size. The whole set is flanked by bow window windows.  In the interior there was a central courtyard, which over the years it became the current parliamentary precinct.


The building has undergone numerous modifications, whether due to accidents, aesthetics or functionality. In  1910, the façade was modified with an access defined by pilasters . In 1918, the newly appointed Chief of the Architecture Section of the province, architect Raúl J. Álvarez,  made an extension of almost 700 m2 advancing over the courtyard of the old club to incorporate the session venue, which bears witness to the laws passed.  The space that had housed this function becomes the “hall of lost steps”.

In the forties and during the management of Arturo  C  i  as  director of architecture in Mendoza, the façade is again intervened, generating a continuous façade and entrance with frontis, as it is currently known. Also  in 1985, and following the earthquake, work was carried out on structural reinforcement. The last intervention took place in 2003 and consisted of structural reinforcements  and the restoration of the session hall and the salons, in which the stained glass windows made by the Catalan artist Ramón Subirats are highlighted. The Palace of Laws is the oldest building surrounding Plaza Independencia.

Fact Sheet

WORK: Mendoza Legislature
LOCATION: Pedestrian Sarmiento y Patricias Mendocinas, Capital
YEAR: 1896 EXTENSION: 1918 Raúl Álvarez, 1941 Arturo Civit, 2003

PROJECT AND CONSTRUCTION: Federico Knoll — Construction company

Source:  Architecture Mendoza 

Publication Date: 19/08/2020

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