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Nostalgic & Passionate

In the end, the first thing is the family

The Benvenuto family accompanied us for many years, from television, at our Sunday family lunches. Do you remember?

10 facts you didn't know about El Potro

On the same day, one of the quartet's references was born at the national level. We tell you what you

The Picahueso Malambo, consecrated

The Mendoza ensemble was consecrated as a revelation at the Cosquín Folklore Festival 2020. The Malambo Picahueso jumped into the
Stories of ordinary people

An endless search

A Cordovan artist began the search for his biological mother. We tell you the story of Dario Coronda, better known
Urban legends

That strange lady

He helped the Correntino army to beat by miracle in Laguna Brava. They never saw her again. Virgin, strange lady


La Posta!: Travel


How we talk

Mission Locations: Where do their names come from?

The names of the places come with stories of all kinds. From great personalities to medicinal plants. We told you
As we are

The biggest rat

Did you know the biggest student mischief occurred in Mendoza? Ten years ago, five thousand kids became the rat collectively.

Take a picture in “El Indio”

We tell you why you have to go up to “El Indio” in Puerto Madryn and take a picture. A

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How we talk

If Argentina goes to war...

Marcelo De Lisio
“If Argentina goes to war, Corrientes will help it,” says the popular saying. But where does it come from? We'll
As we are

The quartet is from the Foal

Bianca Ruggia
From many parts of the country, our extensive musical repertoire is reduced to Potro Rodrigo. But he's not the only