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Axel, the young man who lives in Germany and dreams of becoming president

He's been studying in Europe for a while. Axel participated in forums organized by the UN. He wants to go

A summer of pure rock

Cosquín Rock is one of the largest rock events in Latin America. We tell you all about this edition. Are
As we are

The Pride of Being Rosarino

Rosarino is a very proud person of the place where he was born. Rosario, for the Rosarino, is something separate,

Madryn will be the stage of Mendiak 2020

The career of pedestrism is the most important in the country. Known for its trail running mode, it will run

Pampean Literature: “Lace of Bolillos”

The pampean writer Margarita Bastian presented her last book entitled “Lace of bolillos”. We'll tell you what it's all about.


La Posta!: Travel


How we talk

Did you know this saying has nothing to do with Quixote?

In his words is “Sancho”, he rides and there are dogs. But was this saying ever written by Miguel de
All environment

Did you know that Chubut generates 50 percent of renewable energy in the country?

The renewable energy boom spread throughout the country, but grew stronger in Chubut. We tell you the initiatives.
How we talk

Where do the words “jerk” and “jerk” come from?

Few words are as often used by Argentines as “boludo” and “boludo”. But it's not so common to know where

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Ser Argentino

Argentinean al Palo!

Amante del campo
Wednesday 09 de October



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Corrientes, the paradise of sport fishing

Adrián Farina
Corrientes is the pole of sport fishing in Argentina, has hundreds of kilometers of rivers and unique specimens for practice.
Stories of ordinary people

From Santiago to New Zealand

Adrián Farina
Emiliano Tde is a Santiago who, in search of a different experience, enrolled in a Work & Holiday that made