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Los Manseros: six decades and an export folklore

The Manseros and their identity unchanged in time. A unique style, with a well-Argentine stamp, abroad. We tell you his
La Rioja

24 hours in the capital of La Rioja

Surrounded by the elegant peaks of the Sierra de Velasco, La Rioja is a spectacle on a sunny day. Go
Ballet and Dance

Hip hop in the red land

Days ago, the hip hop festival, Freestyle modality, was held in the city of Posadas. We tell you all about
Nostalgic & Passionate

Kouka Denis, the Argentine model that made the world sigh

Kouka Denis, considered the first Argentine supermodel, died recently in the City of Buenos Aires. Here's our homage.
As we are

The Cordovan is plurinational

The Cordobes sympathize with various causes. They don't miss the chance to get together. This time they made a plurinational


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How we talk

The mystery of the Flora Cat

We all know the popular saying and understand what it means. However, little is known where it came from or

How did you get to Boca's shirt?

We all know the history of Boca's shirt and the Swedish boat. But if you go into the note, you're
As we are

Why do we love the bidet?

An unfailing in our bathrooms, but hard to find in other parts of the world. Where does the Argentinians' fascination

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Ser Argentino

Argentinean al Palo!

Amante del campo
Wednesday 09 de October



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Argentines around the world

He lives on what he is passionate about: skiing

Exequiel Nacevich
Privileged. Dare. Lucas Guiñazú lives on what he has enjoyed all his life: skiing. Alternating between the United States and

"Education is the greatest challenge we adults have."

Mariano Oropeza
A strong mine, argenta, which says that "Argentine men think they are a thousand, now that they are a thousand