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Urban legends

The ironic adventures of a Cordovan in the Big Capital

We tell you the story of @Matzorama, the Cordoba who turned instagrammer and tells us everything about the Cordoba culture.
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires

6 museos imperdibles en Buenos Aires

La Ciudad de Buenos Aires ofrece una gran variedad de actividades para realizar. Hoy te contamos sobre algunos de sus

“With the actor you are born, you do not learn”

“I'm lucky with the audience who already sees me for a few seconds on stage, and starts to laugh” Fabian

Nudismo: los mendocinos se despojan de la ropa y de los prejuicios

En la provincia hay quienes eligen liberar la piel de las ataduras de la ropa, aunque no hay mucha difusión
Nostalgic & Passionate

Our Salta yesterday shines on Facebook

Nostalgia and memories led thousands of Salteños to rebuild with images the city of Salta a few decades ago.


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What is the most listened song in Spotify history?

The streaming platform Spotify unveiled what are the 5 most played national rock tracks. Which one do you think was
How we talk

What does “flash” mean?

Are you listening to the word “flash” a lot and you don't know what it is? Actually, it can mean
Nostalgic & Passionate

Patoruzú's story: secrets and curiosities of our first animated hero

Did you know that the name of the comic comes from a treat? Or that Quinterno was admired by Walt

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Ser Argentino

Argentinean al Palo!

Amante del campo
Wednesday 09 de October



Our lunfardo and populars

Featured Notes


Path: from La Rioja to La Boca

Gabriela Saavedra
Caminito is it a tango in honor of the street or a street in honor of the tango? We tell
Santa Cruz

The Footprint of the Glaciers: a path to walk through two countries

Laura Exposito
In Patagonia there is a binational path where there is much to see. Impressive glaciers, lakes, lagoons and the Patagonian