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5 destinations to rest in Argentina

If you need a serious vacation, you have to choose your destination well. We tell you about some places in

Kevin Benavides, born for the Dakar

Kevin Benavides, the Salta who carries the Dakar in his blood, so far has not won it, but his path
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How to make an Argentine angry?

People with extreme emotions, making an Argentine angry is not complicated. But what is the easiest way to achieve it?
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Retrieving Value: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

Córdoba implements a new integrated urban solid waste management system focused on separation and recycling. The name: Retrieving Value.
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The crime of the teacher and injustice

Avelino Maure was finished by his partner and his best friend. Both were sentenced to life imprisonment for that death.


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What is the most listened song in Spotify history?

The streaming platform Spotify unveiled what are the 5 most played national rock tracks. Which one do you think was
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What does “flash” mean?

Are you listening to the word “flash” a lot and you don't know what it is? Actually, it can mean
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Patoruzú's story: secrets and curiosities of our first animated hero

Did you know that the name of the comic comes from a treat? Or that Quinterno was admired by Walt

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“Jujuy is Bolivia”

Gabriela Saavedra
What is the limit of humor? Elizabeth Vernaci's sayings about Jujuy on her radio show generated controversy. We'll tell you

Los Manseros: six decades and an export folklore

Adrián Farina
The Manseros and their identity unchanged in time. A unique style, with a well-Argentine stamp, abroad. We tell you his