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Yas Nizetich: a Cordovan roars like Panther

We tell you all about Yas Nizetich, who is Panther and Cordoba. That puts a claw and a heart on

The Kuranto, how much do you know about him?

Kurantö is an atavic Mapuche food. During February, a ceremony takes place around this elaboration. Many visitors are excited to

The Skinny, Eternal

Luis Alberto Spinetta arrived in the world on January 23, 1950, date declared “National Musician Day”, later. The genius and
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A glossary of the healers of Neuquén

When traditional medicine does not work, Neuquinos turn to Mapuche healers. We share a glossary with some terms they use.
Nostalgic & Passionate

The first shopping in Santa Fe

Abandoned, the Ritz Square was an elegant shopping mall that embellished Santa Fe and was a must for locals and


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The mystery of the Flora Cat

We all know the popular saying and understand what it means. However, little is known where it came from or

How did you get to Boca's shirt?

We all know the history of Boca's shirt and the Swedish boat. But if you go into the note, you're
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Why do we love the bidet?

An unfailing in our bathrooms, but hard to find in other parts of the world. Where does the Argentinians' fascination

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Ser Argentino

Argentinean al Palo!

Amante del campo
Wednesday 09 de October



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Argentines around the world

He lives on what he is passionate about: skiing

Exequiel Nacevich
Privileged. Dare. Lucas Guiñazú lives on what he has enjoyed all his life: skiing. Alternating between the United States and

Argentines against coronavirus

Gabriela Saavedra
Argentine scientists created a method that allows detecting coronavirus in just 60 minutes, through a portable kit.