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That's why Piedra Parada is so famous!

An imposing rock formation of 210 meters high stands solitary in the middle of a wide ravine, on the banks
Stories of ordinary people

Camila Sosa Villada: an unknown world

We tell you the story of Camila Sosa Villada, a talented Cordovan who built her path to lung and following
How we talk

It's not morse code, it's Cordoba.

We throw you a couple of sentences from the Cordoba code that surely, if we don't explain them to you,
Argentines around the world

A new life in the Netherlands

They were born in a small town, but they developed a big mentality. Azul and Rodrigo show that starting a

The song that will make you fall in love with Misiones

“Misiones yo amo” is the new song by the missionary Roberto Edgar Volcano. We warned you, when you listen to


La Posta!: Travel



Did you know that camping is good for your health?

Here are 6 reasons why camping is beneficial.
How we talk

Mission locations: where their names come from (Part Two)

In Misiones, the names of places come with stories of all kinds. The little animals and the “animals” are a
As they see us

“We came to see which is the best wine”

Wine is the Mendoza distinction in the world. And such is curiosity, that a couple of French came just to

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A Santafesino cartoonist on Netflix

Julio César De Martini
The old guard, by cartoonist Leandro Fernández, will be released by the streaming giant. The Santafesino could be awarded in
As they see us

Slovak, Argentinean and human

Julio César De Martini
Vanda, a Slovak singer based in Santa Fe, gives us his vision of Argentina. “Humana”, his latest single, came out