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The great Ironpaz race

| 02 mayo, 2019 |

La Paz, an Entrerrian city on the banks of the Paraná, is considered Tierra del Triathlon. It is home to Ironpaz, one of the most demanding races that can be organized. It adds 6 kilometres of swimming, 180 kilometres of cycling and 42 kilometres of pedestrianism. Only those who are heavily entrenched in combined tests can be from the game. The waters of the Paraná and the beautiful surrounding regional routes are the perfect setting for the great deployment of adrenaline provided by triathlonists; the maximum category is Full. The city of La Paz, accustomed to water sports and fishing, experiences one of the most explosive moments with the presence of thousands of athletes. For everyone it is a way to bet on themselves and soak up the natural beauties of this generous land. It also brings together those who arrive to encourage them and those who wish to join in upcoming editions. This challenge for brave athletes exceeds twenty editions and goes for more. There are different categories for men and women, different posts and distances where each one performs his own challenge. Price: $6000

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