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National Festival of the Viennese Mass — Córdoba

| 02 mayo, 2019 |

The 49th National Festival of the Viennese Mass will be held in Villa General Belgrano in the province of Cordoba, from Thursday 18 to Sunday 21 April in the Hall of Events and Conventions. You can enjoy different gastronomic options such as chocolates, cakes, dough, cold cuts, craft beers, among others. There is also a sector dedicated to the exhibition and sale of handicrafts. From 15 pm start the shows that run until 22 pm. Among the artistic proposals are live music and dances from Germany, Argentina, Spain, Italy, among others. Soloists and artist groups offer a wide variety of musical genres. Allegorical paintings are presented at Easter. On the last day of the feast, “Santo Domingo”, the traditional Easter Egg Search will be held where children will play the ingenuity to find the valuable treasures that the Easter Coneja will hide for that purpose. Admission will be free and free.

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